From Syria With Love Talk

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Since From Syria With Love started raising awareness about the Syrian plight, and the global humanitarian crisis, we have spoke to more than 4000 people, including communities, schools & colleges and other big events.

The 45 minutes talk is structured as follow:

  • Introduction about Syria before the war, insights on diversity in cultures, religions, ethnicity of the people.
  • Reasons behind the war in Syria, providing deeper understanding of our current world politics.
  • Events that took a place inside Syria, untold stories and the global humanitarian refugee crisis.
  • Suggestions on how can we help, why should we help and how to make a difference.
  • Personal experience of the speaker.
  • Short documentary about children living in refugee camps followed by Q & A

here is a short video for what the talk is about:

We also do interactive informative workshop for young people in schools, colleges & universities, watch video below:

if you want to bring the talk to a school, community or a college in your town/city please do email us at:

Here is some articles written by Baraa Kouja about his thoughts/ experiences in the UK.

Views on British  Airstrikes
Exeter to Bristol Road Trip
Arriving to UK



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