From Syria With Love Art Exhibition

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“The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting”


Art is a very handy tool to express trauma & tragedy experienced by children from war. We hold art workshops to enable children living in the refugee camps to express their feelings and emotions in drawings. The drawings we usually get are a mixture of shock, drama, sadness, hope and powerful. This exhibition has toured more than 80 different destinations across the world including UK, USA, France and Germany. including Imperial War Museum London, Harvard university and many more. You can Read BBC Newsbeat piece about it. The drawings have been viewed by over 50,000 people.

Follow our tour of Exhibitions and Talks:


17th June London Syria Solidarity             1st August Dunfermline Abbey Church       9th Dec Lebanon
18th June T & K Parish Church                   5th – 6th August Coventry             11th Dec Uberlândia/Brazil
19th June Malvern                                        22nd Sept Berlin
20th June London Islington                         27th Sept Plymouth
24th June Bradford on Avon                      18th Oct Devon & Cornwall Police headquarters
29th June Launceston – Cornwall              21st Oct Universität Mannheim
2nd July Berlin                                               20th Nov University of London


10th Jan – 28th Feb Lochgelly Centre      27th Feb University of York     26th Mar Sherborne Abbey Schl
5th Jan – 20th Jan Totnes II                       17th March Exeter                     01st – 8th April Isle of Man
28th Jan Exeter                                            19th March Bristol        27th April Imperial War Muesum London
2nd Feb Kings College London                  22th March Clevedon                10th – 11th May London
23rd Feb University of Hull                        23rd March Severn Junction     16th May Brighton   
24th – 25th Feb Kaiserslautern                  24th March Bristol           10th – 11th June Hellen Garden Festival
25th – 26th Feb Hull                                    25th March Outtery St. Mary   13th June Durham


1st July – 2rd July Salisbury             15th October Paris                            18th Dec International Migrants Day
16th July – 18th July Liverpool        18th – 23rd Oct Norwich
26th August London IV                    27th October Exeter university
15th Sep-23rd Oct Dunfermline    3rd Nov Sussex university
6th October San Francisco             7th – 10th Nov Harvard University

2015 – 2016

31st Oct 2015 – Exeter                      19th – 21st Feb Totnes                       23rd Apr-7th May Leamington Spa
10th -13th Dec – Newport                23rd February London III                     29th Apr – 1st May Bristol
17th Dec 2015 – London I                25th – 29th Feb Monmouth                   14th May – 21st May Sherborne
16th- 19th Jan – Newton Abbot     10th – 13th Mar Cornwall – Truro          20th May – 21st May Trowbridge
6th – 8th Feb – Brighton                  16th March Torrington                           10th June – 10th July Taunton II
12th Feb – London II                        18th – 22nd Mar Taunton I                     19th June Plymouth
15th Feb-Amnesty International   15th – 17th Apr Cambridge                      30th June Twickenham

Two messages from exhibition’s founder who lives in the camp we are supporting, and a social worker.

If you want to bring  FSWL Art exhibition to your city, please email us at:

Watch more video messages from the children here

_DSC4944Exeter NewportNewport 12525450_10153739275825837_815788996657848340_oLondon I
12322512_1121279751223444_183110020222546830_oNewton Abbot ^FECA3D3B4D11C4A4DF75AEEFBA420C9AC892BEA8C86E27A217^pimgpsh_fullsize_distrBrighton London II
Totnes London III (Brunel Univeristy) Monmmouth
Cornwall / Truro Torrington Taunton
Cambridge Lamington Spa & Bude  Bristol
Trowbridge Twickenham & Salisbury


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