Twickenham, Travelling, and Toilets!

Twickenham, Travelling, and Toilets!

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Hello again!

This week, we have a lot to talk about! For this reason, we’re splitting the blog post into two sections: an update on our work in the UK, and an update on our work in Syria and Lebanon. This week has brought with it some great news, some exciting ventures, and new possibilities for the children in the camps. Find out more below about our progress!


A huge high point of our week has been the fact that From Syria With Love has gone global! Yes, that’s right! WE’VE GONE GLOBAL! We are absolutely over the moon to have announced and publicised our first global event in San Francisco on October 6th this year. If you’re in the area and would like to find out more, check out our Facebook page to see our upcoming events. Keep sharing and talking about FSWL and we hope to soon be reaching even more countries and wonderful people!

Furthermore, this week has taken the exhibition to both Twickenham and Salisbury. Baraa received a full house of people when doing his talk on Syria, Aleppo and the crisis, and Twickenham overall raised an amazing £440.40 in just two days. Next, Molly set up the Salisbury exhibition at the Salisbury Methodist Church on Friday, and Baraa joined her after travelling all the way from London in the early morning! They gave talks on both Friday and Saturday, with Baraa’s friend and Sussex University graduate Eyad joining them on Saturday too. Overall, the exhibition was a great success and many incredible people attended, generously donating not only their money, but also offering their time to help with volunteering and with the upcoming book too. We raised a total of £506.00 which is hugely exciting, and look forward to keeping in touch with all the amazing people who spoke to us at the event!

One of the most exciting things to come out of these two exhibitions is the promise of this £946.40 going straight to the Lebanon camps and to the projects we fund in Syria. We never take any management fees from the money we raise, and are proud to guarantee that 100% of your donations go to the children and the initiatives we have in place for them.


This week, we’ve received some amazing updates on what’s been happening in Lebanon and Syria thanks to the generous public donations and the dedication from everyone on our team. Firstly, we have continued our work on toilet cubicles for the children in the Lebanon camp. The camp itself lacks proper sanitation and the children struggle with a 30-minute walk from their current school on the camp to the nearest toilet. This is an unthinkable amount of time to take out of their education purely to meet a basic life need. We are now meeting their needs by installing toilet cubicles closer to their school building, thanks to an amazing donation from North Devon Refugees Solidarity (NDRS).

In addition, donations we’ve received have ensured that we can begin our work establishing schools inside Syria itself. The children in these areas have no current access to a school building, let alone an education. We have erected iron based marquee tents for the children to use in all weathers to host their classes. Keep an eye on our Youtube and Instagram for video and photo updates for these projects!

As always, thank you for your time, thoughts, and kind donations!

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