“what do I really want to do!?”

I didn’t have the chance to have my graduation ceremony in Aleppo when I finished my degree due to the war taking place there. so this graduation was rewarding, great, I just wished my mom could attend, but unfortunately she couldn’t because of Visa issues.

The ceremony was extraordinary, also it was amazing to catch up with everyone and see how things went in those 3 months. Some has already found their other halves, some are working full time, while others are looking for jobs or applying for PHD. which are all cool and interesting options, having graduated from university ranked 7th in the UK, and one of best global 100 in the world!

comparing the options my fellow colleagues at Exeter have, and thinking about the lost generation that Syria is going to have, made me more keen on answering myself about what do I really want to do. I have decided to dedicate my life as long as I can, and as long as I am being productive towards helping people in need. eventually it is keep making me lose faith in humanity! but I keep trying to find motivations, and hopefully I can reach my goal that I will keep as a secret for myself for now, talk about only when I achieve or never ever mention!