Here are some of the cases we have helped in the places where help is needed the most:

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We have received:
£431.82 sent by Sally.P transferred (according to western union exchange rates) into $525,
£90 Exeter Amnesty society transferred (according to western union exchange rates) into $106
£354 sent by from Sarah.W transferred (according to western union exchange rates) into $435 – ($135 of that were used in 5th FSWL school project).
Total: $931 + $69 by anonymous donor from Alabama – USA= $1000

the money was spent on eye surgery for Baha’a, check the video below.


We have received $300 from anonymous donors from USA & Canada, here is how we spent it!


we have received £50 from an event took a place in Cornwall and through our supporter Liz Scambler we have sent the money to Syria and this is how we spent it.

$150: An old man who needed an eye surgery (eye’s white water operation) in a place where there is no one to support, and people’s voices are not heard.


$170: Three similar healthcare cases due to endogamy. Children Aysha and Anwar Ayash, & Marya Jomaa’a Khattab from village in Jeser Al-Shoghor seek refuge in Ta’akhi camp on Turkish/Syrian border needed surgery in his ears to remove blocks that were stopping him from hearing naturally.

$80: Abdelkader Sawaf from Mahmbel town, a father of 3 children was awfully affected by an airstrikes and he had temporary disability. he seek refuge in Abu Talha Camp on the Turkish/Syrian Border. he has no income either to treat himself or to spend on his children, his house was completely destroyed. he needed physical treatment sessions in order to heal his right hand.

$11 monthly: Ms Jazwa Mostafa Tamro, from a village in Jeser Al-shoghor, her house was destroyed by the war and she has lost two of her children (Talal and Moutee) who both worked as van drivers, she lives in Ta’akhi refugee camp on Turkish/Syrian border, she needs to do kidney washing at least twice a week.