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Starting from from 31st October 2015 till 24th December 2017 we have raised over £50,000. Check out how we have spent the donations we got from each city we did an exhibition or a talk in the links below!

Exeter                               Totnes                                    Bristol

Newport & London I     Monmouth & London III      Bude & Leamington Spa

Newton Abbot                Taunton & Torrington         Trowbridge

Brighton & London II    Cambridge & Truro               Sherborne

Salisbury & Liverpool    Twickenham & Plymouth    San Francisco & Donations

Taunton II with #raft    Norwich & Donations           Exeter University

Paris                                Harvard & Donations            Sussex University & Donations

Donations                      FSWL Book Donations          Singing for Syria & Donations

Hull & York                    Isle of Man