FSWL Book has been very well received, we have sold out 1000 copies in the first 4 months! we have raised above £1700 and here is the details for some of the projects we have been working on!

Here’s how we spent £390 we have fund-raised through selling the FSWL book which was transferred (according to transaction transfer rates) into $482: please follow the links below to find out more!

  • $150 Third FSWL school: March 2017.
    – $100 sponsoring school building a month rent.
    – $50 stationary, filling water and transportation.
  • $200 Fourth FSWL school: March 2017.
    – $150 salaries for two teachers.
    – $50 stationary, transportation.
  • $132 orphans month sponsorship, March 2017.
    – Muhammed Mosaa’ab Saed – Al-Taakhi camp resident.
    – Ahmad Adnan Saed – Al- Taakhi camp resident.
    – Omar Saan – Al- Hamzia camp resident.
    – Autistic young men Al- Taakhi camp residents.

Here’s how we spent £50 from the FSWL book sale:

Here’s how we spent £600 from FSWL book sale at Harvard university:

We are spending £635 on Bag of Happiness (Part II) project in Aleppo southern countryside! stay tuned we will upload the project process soon!