We have raised £1000 from our exhibition in Taunton together with donations from #raft. it was converted (according to westren union exchange rates) into $1356 that was spent as follow:

$100 to support the lady helping us in all FSWL projects in Lebanon (she is a refugee herself in the camp)
$700 a year land rent to build a tent for homeless refugee family.
$30 price of door of the tent we are buying
$32 price of 4 T-shirts for the FSWL volunteer girls as a reward for helping distributing aid.
$19 price of cement, rocks and other materials for building the tent!
$475 price of 25 food baskets, distributed to families in most need, which are receiving no aid nor help from any one with difficult situation, i.e. a single mother with five children.
Each basket costed $19, breakdown is:
-$3 price of 2 Kg of rice
-$3 price of 2 Kg of sugar
-$2 price of 1 Kg of butter
-$3 price of 2 Litre of oil
-$1 price of bag of tea
-$2 price of 2 cans of beans, 2 cans of Hummus
-$2 price of salt & desert
-$2 price of meat cans
-$1 price of 2 cans of cheese
$19 Total