Here is the money we got from different parties supporting FSWL.

£30 from Eyad Kouja when he went and spoke at a school for selling 2 pictures
£85 raised by Trish through selling FSWL CD music.
£120 from a feminist group in London.
£206 from the Exeter gig organised by FD1 students of AMS.
£135 From Sussex university exhibition.
£60 from Book’s launch donations.

£526 total will be send to Rodeh to do a party for the children. Sent as $640 (according to western union exchange rates), spent as follow:

$140 price of sweaters for the girls participate in exhibition for the feminist group in London
$20 present to Douha for winning art competition among refugee children
$120 gifts to all children featured in the book.
$350 price of party for the children in the camp.

here are some pictures/videos.