Our event at Exeter univeristy, aimed to help a father living in a camp where there is no support from NGOs, no extra care after his girl who suffers from quadriplegia, watch the following video to find out more about how difficult their circumstances are.

We have raised £1172 overall, thank you everyone who donated to our event at Exeter university. and here is a thank you message from Fatima’s father for Exeter university!

The money was received in Syria as $1361 (according to western union exchange rates) and that was spent to help the family we promised to help, where we bought them the following:

$80.63 price of 9 pieces of clothes.
$9.25 wool cap
$27.72 gas heater
$88.72 diapers for disabled girl.
$133 barrel of gas for heating.
$31.3 food basket.
$31.75 medications for the little girl.
$6 toys for the disabled girl.
$75 disabled wheelchair.
$138 transportation and project management (by a refugee in the camp)
$86.29 price of 500 blocks
$163.6 price of iron sheets
$31 price of 10 bags of cement
$34.5 price of 7 bags of sand
$11.25 price of a window
$66 price of a door
$56 salary for 3 workers
$190 supporting 2 months medication for growth hormone injections
$1360.01 Total.