Different countries have been launching airstrikes, killing tens and hundreds of innocents, rather than terrorist groups locations, but no one saw that on mainstream media, especially what the Russians did and are doing.

Tackle ISIS? Why not try to close the turkish border, ban buying oil in that area, put ISIS under siege, and if, for sake of argument, this way didn’t work, then move to military action, which is definitely not randomly bombing as what they are doing now!

Showing solidarity with the French:
In order for British to proof to the french that they feel empathy with events carried in Paris, it will be wise if they did Air-strikes that cost lots of money and kill other innocent people to show that killing people is wrong?

Defend UK from extremism:
If terrorists decided to attack UK, will airstrikes make them change their minds? I mean seriously?

Airstrikes clashes:
If the Russians are attacking “ISIS” and they support the regime,
British are attacking “ISIS” but they are against regime.
Rebeles are fighting ISIS and Regime.
Kurds are fighting ISIS, Regime, and Rebels.
Regime is claming to be fighting ISIS, and fighting Rebeles
Civilians are stuck between all previous different parties.
How will your bombs identify each one of these? Or you just through it and let the magic happens?

Can you notice that apparently Russians, Americans, French, Syrian regime, Kurds, Rebeles, and Golf countries, plus more recently british are all attacking ISIS, but for some reason its not working out? Earlier on, it was communism what they scare people with, now “ISIS” seems to play that rule! In that way, they can keep people paranoid, frightened and worried all time, promote anything they want, about Islamophobia, or that refugees are terrorists!

When I checked my facebook, most of my friends in the UK were disappointed, and sad.. I want to tell you guys, please dont be. Because I haven’t seen any reaction from Syrians living in Syria….the sky is full of warplanes anyway…do you think the flag will make difference to them? It will just mean more killing, and situation there is hopless. But it is sad when you know what could the government do with this money!

War was never the right answer, money spent on military actions can literally change lives, as if it was spent somewhere else:
A. It wont kill innocent people
B. It could be used to improve other people’s lives.

ISIS has been around for more than 2 years! Why only now british government thought they should bomb them? And will it be able to handle more refugees leaving Syria? If they already said they are taking only 20,000 in 5 years!! Is it really for the sake of Syrian people?

I hope all the MPs who has voted for the airstrikes know that they will be killing innocents, and history wont forgive them, as previously Toni confessed that it was ‘Mistake’ to invade Iraq.