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The lovely children in Newton Abbot have drawn lovely pictures to be sent to Syrian children living in the refugee camps in Lebanon, enjoy the pictures! From Newton Abbot With Love

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Copied from Carl Munson facebook page:

Today proved to me that dropping bombs is easier than being truly loving. People would really rather be right than happy. In the Q&A one brave soul suggested we might meditate and send love. As soft and useless as that might sound, I don’t think we have really tried it, and the worst case scenario of us all loving each other has some pretty benign ‘collateral damage’.
Here is a recording of the three speakers at the launch of the ‘From Syria With Love’ Exhibition at Hannahs, Seale-Hayne – 16th January, 2016.
First up is the exhibition’s inspirational creator, Baraa Ehssan Kouja, a Syrian student at the University of Exeter whose life has been transformed by working with refugees.
Second to talk is former Hannahs art teacher Alexa Smith, who has recently returned from ‘The Jungle’ in Calais where she worked as a volunteer and was profoundly affected by the experience.
The third contribution comes from Ahmed, a former UN worker, who fled Syria and embarked on a terrifying journey across several European countries, at one point finding himself chest-deep and close to death in a locked flour lorry, and ultimately seeking refuge in Grimsby in the face of bemused police and subsequently MI5.
All present a very personal and mostly harrowing perspective on a global humanitarian crisis to which more and more of us are awakening and feeling inspired, though often powerless, to help.

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