Thank you all for your amazing donations, we have managed to raise 1601 pounds, we have combined it with money raised from London’s exhibition, which was 300 pounds and send all (1901 pounds) which (according to westren uniom) was transferred into 2550$

here is the breakdown for your lovely donations:
20$ medicine.
173$ remaining with the lady, awaiting the money from Totnes exhibition so we can support more.
250$ to support the lady who is organizing everything from Beirut, who is a refugee herself in the camp with her family.
52$ price of 15 bags of diapers for 2 10 years old disabled children.
980$ to support a camp called Asa’ad in Ghaze. With 35 aid baskets each one worths 28$ and includes:
–5$ 2KG oil.
–3$ 1KG Butter
–1$ 2 Beans cans.
–3$ 2KG Sugar.
–3$ 3KG Rice.
–3$ 2KG Groats.
–4$ Meat pieces.
–3$ 2 Cheese cans.

75$ price of 4 blankets(8$ each) and 4 mattresses (11$ each)

We have started pop-up shop to
empower people in the camp and to generate money to keep supporting the people in need
1000$ for the pop up shop:
–920$ price of 230 women shopping items.
–80$ price of 40 pieces for children.
2250$ Total

and here are some pictures:

Thank you for People Brighton!