We have sent 1415£ from both Cambridge and Truro exhibitions, which was converted into 1972$ (according to Westren union exchange rates) and here is how we have spent them:

100$ to support the lady helping us doing the exhibition (she is a refugee herself in the camp)
80$ 10 bags of children milk.
70$  10 bags of children diapers.
150$ paying house rent for a woman with her daughter who have no one to look after them.
300$ doing a surgery for a extremely confidential case for a teenage who was raped and lost her virginity
292$ supporting cancer patient for one month injection
800$ cost of medical operation for a child who had an emergency (300$ x-rays + 500$ operation)

180$ price of 15 food baskets, expenditures:
-21$ 3kg of sugar
-28$ 2kg of rice
-18$ 2kg of groats
-12$ 2 cans of beans
-15$ Hummus
-35$ oil
-22$ butter
-12$ cheese
-4$ salt
-13$ deserts