Thank you everyone who came to our exhibition at Leamington Spa and Bude, we have raised £795 from Leamington Spa and £385 from Bude! which are (£1180 that was converted according to western union rates into $1680) We have used your donations to provide food baskets for 100 families in need who are not getting any support from any NGO.

Details for spending the money:
100$ to support the lady helping us in all projects and operation in Lebanon (she is a refugee herself in the camp)
80$ for transportation to buy the food and distribute it.
1500$ price of 100 food baskets (15$ each which contain):
-1$ 2Kg of Sugar
-1$ 1Kg of Jam
-3$ 1Kg of Olive oil
-3$ 2Kg of Oil
-2$ 2Kg of butter
-2$ 24 envelope vitamins juice
-1.5$ Cheese
-1.5$ 2Kg of Rice

here are some videos about the process!

When we first bought the Aid to fill in baskets:

Sorting out the food baskets!

Then taking the Baskets down to the delivery car:

On our way to distribute the food:

First Aid portion to be distributed:

Firstly to the camp, then to the families living outside it:

Here are the Thank you messages from everyone to everyone 🙂