Thank you all for coming to our exhibition and buying the children’s art, we have raised £1078 which was transferred (according to western union exchange rates) into $1457.76. We also have received £400 donation sent to us by a donor who came to our Exhibition in Sherborne (according to transaction exchange rates is $550)!

here is how we spent it the £400:

  • $450 spent as follow:
    $150 Third FSWL school: July 2016.
    – $100 sponsoring school building rent.
    – $50 stationary, filling water and transportation.
    $200 Fourth FSWL school: July 2016.
    – $150 salaries for two teachers.
    – $50 stationary, transportation.
    $100 orphans and Autistic young men month sponsorship, July 2016.
  • $100 emergency food baskets for 2 displaced families from Aleppo.

Here’s how we spent the £1078:
$100 to support the lady helping us doing the exhibition (she is a refugee herself in the camp)
$200 MRI (medical term) for a patient who couldn’t afford it.
$85 medicine and creams for a girl who has burnt her leg.
$300 cost of drilling a well in the camp as the water is not drinkable there.
$500 cost of clothes and party preparation for Eid (celebration comes after Ramadan)
$272 was spent on buying a tent to help a family consist of a mother and her 3 children.
$1457 Total donations raised