Massive thank you to everyone who came to our exhibition, here is how we used your donations:
we have raised from both Taunton and Torrington 1235£, which was received as 1652$ (according to Western union exchange rates) and here is how we spent it:

100$ to support the lady who lives in the camp, and who is helping the exhibition with everything.
300$ cancer drug needles for a child we are sponsoring.
300$ Arthroscopy for a patient not looked after by anyone.
100$ cost of taking Biopsy of one of the patient to examine her.
110$ medicine for the same patient was required for patient’s situation.
10$ scanning drawings
517$ goods (shoes) for the popup shop we have started to generate money.
215$ for a party we have done for children of 4 refugee camps detailed as follow:
– 50$ sound system
– 35$ transportation
– 100$ coloring materials (drawing pens and books)
– 30$ toys has coloring books

Enjoy the pictures, and we will upload more pics and translated videos soon!