In southern countryside of Aleppo, Tal Al-Daman district contains 160.000 inhabitants, 6100 out of them are students in elementary school!

here is two schools with £1000 support from NDRS (North Devon Refugee Solidarity) and other donors, FSWL was able to support building toilets for, since students had to walk around 15/20 minutes to use the bathroom. also we have added a school tent to one of the schools because it was crowded with pupils. which costed us  $1599.74 spent as follow:

$78 extra tent for the school                                 $24.9 generator’s petrol
$10.89 handles                                                        $72.61 water tanks
$15.56 covers for the tent                                      $40.04 cleaning and emptying space
$27.39 transporting tents                                     $271.78 wooden and metal doors
$3.11 wires for the handles                                   $43.48 sanitation worker salary
$20.75 tent’s preparation                                     $236.78 painting and maintance costs
$95.44 drilling a sanitation hole                         $11.96 gifts for the children
$213.9 building materials                                     $9.76 random expenditures
$86.10 transporting building materials            $100 construction site manager
$24.9 builders’ salaries                                         $100 building project manager
$27.39 sanitation materials                                 $88 tent’s price

Total: $1,599.74

“Bag of Happiness II” Project! 18.03.2017

Here’s how we started the project with our partners Takaful Alsham.

Here are videos on how we support education inside Syria where there is absence of lots of NGOs. The school above didn’t have toilets, so students had to walk 20-30 minutes each time they needed to use them!